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Native Omnichain Lending Aggregator

AI optimization for borrowing rates

Step 1

I want to deposit:

Step 2

I want to borrow:

Current borrowing rate:

Max LTV: 80%

APR: 3%


Constantly Analyzing Borrowing Rates-analyze

Constantly Analyzing Borrowing Rates

Using Interchain Loans to Teleport Debt-interchain

Using Interchain Loans to Teleport Debt

Minimizing Borrowing Costs-cost

Minimizing Borrowing Costs

How Does it Work?

Step 1

NOLA optimizes for current borrowing rates. You can borrow against ETH, stETH, BTC or USDC. It will find the lowest borrowing rate.


Step 2

Once the borrowing rate changes, NOYA will teleport it within the same or different chain. It will do so by taking an uncollateralized loan from NOYA on one chain and paying it back on another, minimizing borrowing rates.